This website was created to support Far Cry 2's online multiplayer mode. Its main purpose is to make it easy for everyone to get a multiplayer patching tool, needed in order to join online sessions, as well as to provide players with information on how to join servers that host custom maps. If you're new here and looking to play, scroll down to read more about how to play the game online. If you need help, have questions or just would like to talk to other players, you can join any of the recommended Discord servers.


Welcome, all far cry 2 players!


Far Cry 2's online multiplayer mode had been dead for years, due to software issues remaining with the game never addressed by the publisher. Years after its release, changes in the Windows API meant that the game was unable to use network interfaces correctly, and without an update from Ubisoft the online mode became useless and was left to die. A recently released (unofficial) patching tool, however, was created to fix these issues with the aim to revive the online multiplayer and using this tool will enable anyone, once again, to host and play in online matches. To download the patch and read the instructions, see the 'Multiplayer patch' page. For instructions on how to make the game able to download custom maps, see the 'Map download fix' page. (Needed for playing on server that host custom maps.) These are the two things anybody needs in order to play in online multiplayer today.

Multiplayer patch

Mappack1.rar (446mb)

Mappack1 download

Mappack1 is a collection of 260 maps and you need to download and install them to join online sessions that use these maps. To install them, simply extract the content of Mappack1.rar anywhere into Document\My Games\Far Cry 2\. (The map files can be anywhere within that location, as the game scans the entire folder structure.) After that, you're ready to join and play on any server with 'Mappack1' in their name. (Note: if you're new to Far Cry 2 multiplayer, or you just found out that the online mode is working again, you also need to use a multiplayer patch first. Scroll down to read more information about it.) Mappack1 was created as a solution to playing on custom maps online, since the map sharing feature of the game is currently not working, and it may take some time until it gets fixed. It is intended for all players and hosts to share in common.

"Get ready for deathmatch!"

You're welcome to use these maps for your own sessions; the only thing asked is that you put 'Mappack1' and this website in the server's name, to make sure everyone, especially new players, understand at all times what they need to do. One simple format would be: '|Mappack1|'. It should give you enough room for a unique server name, to be clearly distinguished from all the other servers. (See the picture below.)

Also, if you want to host a server with the maps regularly, please, refrain from using special characters to make your server to be on top of the match list. Let's share the game fairly.



Using the maps for your own sessions


Multiplayer patch


Currently, there are no ongoing matches all day long, but it's worth to check if there are players at any time. If you want to play and all the servers are empty, it is also worth to wait in a server alone for some time, as someone may join after a while when they see a server with a player and after that more can follow. The most active time currently is Europe evenings.

Active times

Advice to new players