Language files

The game was officially translated to a number of languages. You can download the files for most of them here if you wish to change the language. (Instructions are included in every download.)

Size: 1.9mb

Fear's server launcher

A relatively new server manager that still has developer support (via the 'Far Cry 2 community' Discord server). While it still lacks some features, more is expected to be added as development goes. (Note that it automatically adds an 'FSL' abbreviation in front of the server name that cannot be removed.)

Size: 300mb

The original English text and audio files.

English text and audio

Size: 308mb

The original Spanish text and audio files.

Spanish text and audio

Size: 322mb

The original Russian text and audio files.

Russian text and audio

Size: 306mb

The original French text and audio files.

French text and audio

Size: 288mb

The original German text and audio files.

German text and audio

Size: 309mb

The original Italian text and audio files.

Italian text and audio

Size: 86mb

The original Polish text files.

Polish text

Size: 86mb

The original Hungarian text files.

Hungarian text

Size: 86mb

The original Czech text files.

Czech text