Server utilities

Server utilities are tools made for managing dedicated servers more easily.

Size: 1.9mb

Fear's server launcher

A relatively new server manager that still has developer support (via the 'Far Cry 2 community' Discord server). While it still lacks some features, more is expected to be added as development goes. (Note that it automatically adds an 'FSL' abbreviation in front of the server name that cannot be removed.)

Size: 675kb

A server manager tool with plenty of features, including managing multiple servers.

MChat's server extender

Size: 5.7mb

Dedicated server launcher 1.03 R2

This 'FC2ServerLauncher.exe' was released by Ubisoft after patch 1.03 and it contains important bug fixes for the dedicated server. Anyone wanting to host dedicated servers, especially if any third party server manager is used, should replace the 'FC2ServerLauncher.exe' found in the game's 'bin' folder with this newer one. (If you have the 'FC2MPPatcher' installed, uninstall it first. When the new file is in the destanition, you can reinstall it.)

R2 version of the dedicated server application- recommended download

Dedicated server utilities

Size: 2.9mb

An easy to use server manager utility. The download includes the tool's documentation.

FC2 dedicated server manager

The GiTM clan's server manager. It only supports lan mode.

Size: 7.6mb

GiTM server extender (lan only)