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Steam is the single greatest source for players. It is essential that we let people known on the platform that the multiplayer is still here and they need to use the FC2MPPatcher. By upvoting our guides and reviews, we can make sure we get this info to as many people as we can. Please, consider logging into Steam in your browser and giving them a thumb up using the links on the right. It should only take a minute and it will be very helpful!

Unfortunately, the game suffered greatly in the past due to the neglect by Ubisoft. The online mode had years of interruption with everyone believing it was gone forever, and even recently, new issues had a very bad effect on the number of daily players. Nevertheless, the game showed it has a lot of potential and that there are many people out there who still would like to play. To help spread the word that the multiplayer is still here and alive, please, take a look at this page and consider what you can do to help.

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If you'd like to do more, you can write your own review and also submit it via the contact form. As long as it mentions the multiplayer, the FC2MPPatcher and this website is linked (http://fc2mp.com), it will be added to the reviews here.

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