Yes, although there are no matches non-stop, there are still many players playing daily. As the online mode didn't work for years and Tunngle was ended in 2018, the activity around the game was very badly affected in the past. Since then, the FC2MPPatcher was released and players have moved onto using a new VPN, which made old players slowly return and new players appear all the time.

Frequently asked questions

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Questions and answers

Is the multiplayer still alive?

The regular time online for the daily matches is late afternoons and evenings, Europe time. On Radmin VPN nowadays it is evenings and early nights. There are servers available on both sides at all times and matches may start any time.

When do players play?

It is a tool that resolves problems Far Cry 2 has using network interfaces. It is required because the game is not compatible with certain changes in the Windows API that were made since Ubisoft stopped supporting the game with new updates. It modifies two game files, so the multiplayer can work correctly on your current Windows system. It is needed for most online players, who otherwise receive a 'Cannot join match at this time' error message when they try to join any server. (Some Windows 7 users may not need it.) It is also needed for everyone to be able to host. When hosting over Virtual Private Networks on Windows 10, joining for players is not possible. The tool can also be used to resolve this by the host installing it with the VPN selected in the network interface drop-down menu.

What is the FC2MPPatcher and what does it do?

The tool only modifies a few files of the game. Its source code is also publicly available for anyone to download and examine. This makes using the application very safe.

Is the FC2MPPatcher safe to use?

It was created by players (Halvors and Zenoy) who understood the game's issues and had the technical skills to create such a utility.

Who created the FC2MPPatcher?

No, it only addresses software issues in the game. If you don't own the game yet, check out our 'Buy the game cheap' page.

Can I play online without a CD-key using the FC2MPPatcher?

Anyone can. If you're new to Far Cry 2 hosting, we have a quick quide for that.

Can I host?

Any valid map can be hosted and the hosted maps will automatically download from you server to anyone who joins.

Can I host my own maps?

Some mods may work in multiplayer, others will cause problems, like game crashes and the inability to join servers and those that include a modified 'Dunia.dll' file are not supported by the FC2MPPatcher. Also, keep in mind that using mods that could be regarded as cheating may result in you getting banned.

Can I use mods in multiplayer?

The same people who created the FC2MPPatcher are now working on a replacement master server to keep the online multiplayer alive in the future. This project is already in a well developed state and a new version of the FC2MPPatcher is expected to be released on June 1st the latest, that can modify anyone's game so it will connect to this new community master server instead of Ubisoft's old original one. This will mean the same online experience for everyone, except without the need for a valid online key to log in.

Now that the online mode is going to end, what can we expect?