Fixing the multiplayer


Current version: 0.1.8

The FC2MPPatcher is a small patching tool that fixes Far Cry 2's broken online multiplayer mode by correcting software issues the game has in newer Windows API. Most people need to use this tool to be able to join and host online sessions. Additionally, it also resolves hosting issues over virtual private networks in Windows 10. You can download the patcher from the website, or you can get it, or its source code, from GitHub. You can also read instructions for using the tool further down on this page.



Help is here - the MPPatcher on Discord


Future releases

It's important to note that the patcher is still in developement and newer versions are still expected. Since there might be a future releases that will be  important for everyone to use, it is a good idea to watch out for newer versions in the future.

Download the latest patcher

Using the patcher

Before you start, make sure that the game, the map editor or any dedicated servers are not running, as it would prevent the patcher from modifying game files and the patching would fail.

The patcher is only compatable with the latest version of the game, 1.03. If you have the Steam, GOG or Uplay version this won't be a problem, as they are just that. If you installed the game using a different source and you're unsure about its version number, you can find it in the upper left corner in the main menu. If yours is an older one, install patch 1.03 first. (Click here if you need the patch.)

It is possible that your antivirus will identify the patcher as a potentially harmful software, because it was created to modify (game) files. It is generally called a "false alarm" and it is normal with such applications. If this happens at any point, turn off your antivirus for a few minutes while you install it and start over with downloading the patcher again.


Download the zip archive above, extract it's whole content anywhere and run fc2mppatcher.exe. (Allow the administrator privilages.)


The path to the game's folder should be detected automatically. If it's incorrect, or missing, set it manually using the button next to it on the right. (Enclosed within the yellow rectangle on the picture.)


Next, you need to select the network interface you plan to use for lan matches. Basically, the online mode will be fixed redardless of what is selected here, and if you only want to play online you can ignore this part without selecting anything in particular. If you want to play the game in local lan mode through cable or over any VPN, however, select the relevant interface here in the drop-down menu.


Lastly, click on the "Install patch" button, wait a few seconds until the button's text changes to "Uninstall patch" (do not click on it), close the patcher like that and patching is done. From now on, you'll be able to join and host online multiplayer matches.


When installing future versions of the patcher, first you need to unistall the old one by clicking on the "Uninstall patch" button.


Joining ranked matches

It is also possible to join ranked matches, however, since Punkbuster doesn't support the game anymore, it's files manually need to be updated. Click here for more information on that.

The best way to keep up with the latest versions, or to get help with the patcher, or any multiplayer related problems, is by joining the FC2MPPatcher on Discord. This place was created by the patcher's creators directly and members are happy to help should you have any questions/problems.

When going online to play, select 'Player Match' instead of Ranked Match' in the menu where you need to select the match type, as the former one is used generally and that's where you can find matches with players. Another mistake new players make is using the quick match options. This will likely result in joining an empty server, even if there are ongoing matches. Instead, use the 'Join Custom Match' option and select a match manually from the available server list. (See the video below.)


Simple English


MPPatcher update notifications

You can sign up to be notified via E-mail whenever an important new version of the patcher is released. Simply type your E-mail address below and press "Sign up". (It will not be used for anyt other purpose, or exposed to any third party.)

Advice to new players

If at any point in the future you find that the game won't start and it crashes after it's launched, reinstall the patcher to try to fix the issue. Changes to the network interfaces can cause this problem, which can be fixed by simply reinstalling the tool.

If you have any problems with using the patcher, feel free to ask for help on any of the recommended Discord servers, or on the website's forum, if that's preferred.

MPPatcher creators: Halvors & Zenoy

Multiplayer patch


Currently, there are no ongoing matches all day long, but it's worth to check if there are players at any time. If you want to play and all the servers are empty, it is also worth to wait in a server alone for some time, as someone may join after a while when they see a server with a player and after that more can follow. The most active time currently is Europe evenings.

Active times

Advice to new players