Multiplayer patch

Mappack1 download

Mappack1 is a collection of 260 maps and you need to download and install them to join online sessions that use these maps. To install them, simply extract the content of Mappack1.rar anywhere into Document\My Games\Far Cry 2\. (The map files can be anywhere within that location, as the game scans the entire folder structure.) After that, you're ready to join and play on any server with 'Mappack1' in their name. (Note: if you're new to Far Cry 2 multiplayer, or you just found out that the online mode is working again, you also need to use a multiplayer patch first. Scroll down to read more information about it.) Mappack1 was created as a solution to playing on custom maps online, since the map sharing feature of the game is currently not working, and it may take some time until it gets fixed. It is intended for all players and hosts to share in common.

You're welcome to use these maps for your own sessions; the only thing asked is that you put 'Mappack1' and this website in the server's name, to make sure everyone, especially new players, understand at all times what they need to do. One simple format would be: '|Mappack1|'. It should give you enough room for a unique server name, to be clearly distinguished from all the other servers. (See the picture below.)

Also, if you want to host a server with the maps regularly, please, refrain from using special characters to make your server to be on top of the match list. Let's share the game fairly.



Using the maps for your own sessions

 map download fix - watch the video

winhttp.dll (368 KB)

If you're looking to host, you can download here collections fo some of the best custom maps that work great in multiplayer in general. You can also check out our 'Map collections' download page for even more maps.

Custom map collections for hosts

All the current maps for the 'Battle Royal' custom game mode server, hosted by SONWARS.COM. This collection is not final and is occasionally updated. Whenever the game tells you it 'failed to download map', delete your Battle Royal maps and re-download this collection to get your installed 'BR maps' up to date. Alternatively, you can join the Sonwars Discord, where the latest maps are always published first.

Battle Royal maps

Size: 50 mb

To install maps, simply copy them anywhere within 'Document\My games\Far Cry 2\', preferably into a subfolder. They can be anywhere within this location, as the game scans the entire folder structure. If the game is open while this is done, restarting it is not needed.

How to install maps


Explanation about the online map download problem

The game was designed to download maps for the player automatically in more than one way. The map community server was created by Ubisoft to store maps that were published by their creators, that also provided a source for the game to obtain maps from. For unknown reasons, this recently stopped working and downloading from there is no longer possible. The other way is downloading the maps directly from the host server, (which would be the ideal way), software issues with the game however prevents this from working, and as of now, there is no solution online for maps to download automatically. The developers of the FC2MPPatcher are working on patching this software issue as well and a future version of the utility that can make it work is expected, but it is not known when it will arrive. In the meantime, manually downloading maps will remain the only solution.

A collection of 323 custom made maps that is serving as a general map base for the online community. It is a recommended download to everyone. This collection is used by most of the regular servers and can also be freely used by anyone for their own (public) matches. (When hosting these maps, please, consider including 'Mappack2021' in your server's name. This will help new players understand this is a particular map collection they need to have in order to play on the custom map servers.)


Version 1

Size: 585 mb

Video demonstration for installing maps

You can download the new online map

collection here once the servers are back

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DLC2 files

The custom made DLC2 files add extra visual elements in multiplayer. Having this is not necessary for playing; it merely makes DLC2 contents (such as waterfalls) visible on maps that use them. If you'd like to add this to the game, download the ZIP file below and place the 'dlc2' folder into 'Data_Win32\downloadcontent\' within the game's main folder.

Size: 500 KB

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