Help by contacting Ubisoft customer support!

If this login problem is affecting you, please, consider contacting Ubisoft customer support to get help you with this issue from them. Although this solution above exist, there is very little that can be done to get this information to many of the players, as well as to many of those who from now on will want to try the multiplayer and will be affected. Individuals reporting this problem is needed to prompt Ubisoft to address this issue. In order to do that, contact support directly by submitting a support case to them. (Click here.) Mention what version of the game you're using, (telling them you know from Discord logins recently became impossible for both, the Steam and Uplay versions can help) and that you are unable to log into the online multiplayer and what error message you're getting. They will probably ask you to do certain things to try to resolve it, but always respond saying you tried them and they didn't work.

How to fix login in Steam and Uplay versions

- Download the '' file on the right

- Copy the 'Dunia.dll' file contained in the archieve's 'bin' folder   into the game's 'bin' folder, overwriting the installed one

- Copy the 'patch.fat' and 'patch.dat' files contained in the   archieve's 'Data_Win32' folder into the game's 'Data_Win32'   folder, overwriting the installed ones (They are not needed for   logging in, but they will fix a minor menu bug, caused by the new   'Duni.dll')

Download the 'login fix files'

Login problem in Steam and Uplay versions

In November, 2020, it became impossible to log into the online multiplayer in the Steam and Uplay versions of Far Cry 2. This problem is related to these versions of the game only, and it is possible to allow logins again by replacing the 'Dunia.dll' file, found in the game's 'bin' folder, with a copy from a GOG or DVD installation of Far Cry 2. This will introduce a small graphical bug in the menu, that can be fixed by also replacing the installed 'patch.fat' and 'patch.dat' files, found in the game's 'Data_Win32' folder, with copies from a GOG or DVD installation. If you're having this problem, below you can download the required files and read the simple instructions. After that, you'll be able to log in again as normal. (The FC2MPPatcher must be uninstalled before the 'Dunia.dll' is replaced.)

- Uninstall the FC2MPPatcher (Important)

- Reinstall the FC2MPPatcher

With the new files added, you'll be able to log into the online multiplayer again.

Please, note that this issue has already been resolved by the FC2MPPatcher version 0.1.9. Although the workaround below still works, it is only needed with older versions of the utility. (Or without it.)

Outdated solution