Connect to a wordwide gaming network in local lan mode

Radmin VPN is a VLAN service that provides access to virtual LAN networks. (It is the same what Tunngle was and today used as an alternative.) By connecting to the same network, players, from all around the world, can play in local lan mode together, just like in online mode. Servers are available at all times to play on, with less players, but there is still daily activity. Below you can find instructions on how to join.

Before you start, be sure that the version of your game is 1.03. (If you have the Steam, Uplay or GOG version of Far Cry 2, your game is this version.) You can check this in the upper left corner of the main menu. If yours is an older one, you need to install patch 1.03, otherwise you won't be able to see any servers. (Click here to start downloading the patch if you need it.)


Installing and setting up Radmin VPN



First, got to, download the Radmin VPN client on the main page by clicking on the 'Free Download' button and install it. 


Next, join a Far Cry 2 gaming network. You can bring the Radmin app up by clicking on its icon at the taskbar's notification area. Select 'Network', 'Join an Existing Network' and click on the 'Gaming Network' tab. Then type 'far cry 2' into the search box and double-click on the 'Far Cry 2 [English 2]' network.

If you've done the above, you're ready to join servers on the Radmin network. Start the game and log in with a multiplayer profile. (Create one if you haven't got one yet. Both, online and offline profiles will work.) Select the 'Lan' option and on the next screen 'Join matches', then on the following screen, after a few seconds, all the available servers will be listed. There is also a video guide below that shows the instructions, from downloading Radmin to joining a server in the game . If the match list remains empty for you (you can't see any servers) see the 'Troubleshooting' section below the video. If you need more help, join any of the recommended Discord servers, where you can talk to other players.

Note: the same servers are hosted on all the networks, and as players from different networks can play on the same servers together, joining more is not necessary and can only lead to lag issues. Since the 'Far Cry 2 [English 1]' network is already being recommended somewhere else, here the 'English 2' one is recommended to avoid reaching the limit of 150 clients per network. The only exception to this are hosts, who, on the other hand, must join both of the above to make sure their servers are visible to all the players.


If you're also playing online and you're using the FC2MPatcher, you need to make sure that it is installed with the Radmin VPN interface selected. This means starting the tool, selecting 'Radmin VPN' in the drop-down menu, clicking on 'Unistall patch' and on the 'Install patch' button. After this, the game will be able to see the Radmin networks and also work in online mode.

For online players only

Playing on Radmin VPN


Possible solutions for common problems people encounter

Servers won't show. After selecting 'Join Match', the server list remains empty

Make sure that Radmin is turned on and you are connected to the Far Cry 2 network. (You can also try turning Radmin off for a few seconds and back on.) As already mentioned, the game needs to be version 1.03 to see the servers. If you're using any VPNs to hide your IP and internet activity, turn it off and try like that after a minute. If you have the FC2MPPatcher installed, reinstall it and make sure Radmin VPN is selected in the drop-down menu when you click on 'Install patch'. If you're not using the tool and this problem remains unsolved, try installing it as mentioned above and see if it makes a difference.

After installing Radmin VPN, it keeps showing 'Registering...' or 'Connecting...' and won't move on

Turn off your firewall for a few minutes.

Ready to join

Radmin VPN - video guide (Adjust the quality if needed)

Linux users

Currently, Radmin VPN only supports Windows and there isn't any known way to make it work on Linux operating systems. If your main OS is Linux and you have Windows installed as well for dual boots, the best option for you is to boot into Windows whenever you want to play. Alternatively, you can install Windows and the game on a virtual machine. This is fairly easy to do with free virtual machine applications, such as VMware Workstation Player or VirtualBox. An avarage  gaming computer should be able to run the game like this with maximum settings without performance issues.

If you'll experience a 'blocky' looking trees and plants graphical bug when using the 'anti-aliasing' graphics option, you can fix it by setting the 'AplhaToCoverage' attribute to '0' in the game's settings file, 'GamerProfile.xml', found in 'Documents\My Games\Far Cry 2'. (This option will be reset everytime you change the graphics settings.)

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